“Stay Cyber Safe” reaches #1 on Amazon

ProtectedBy.AI, a world leader in artificial intelligence-driven solutions, has released Stay Cyber Safe: What Every CEO Should Know About CybersecurityThe book is authored by leading cybersecurity experts, JT Kostman, Ph.D., and Brian Gallagher, the co-founders of ProtectedBy.AI.

Stay Cyber Safe is available on Amazon and has reached the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best-Selling Books list for Information Management during the first week of pre-lease sales. Although CodeLock does not officially release until July 2, 2021, Amazon has decided to release and ship early sales due to its success.

“Companies in every industry must be prepared for cyberattacks that have become a part of our society,” said Dr. Kostman. “Brian and I have provided a very digestible guide to understanding the cyber threats that companies face daily. It’s a must-read for professionals looking to prevent their company from becoming the next victim of cybercrime.”

Cybercriminals can hack unprepared businesses, leak private information to the press, hold data for ransom, and destroy internet systems. As a result, the possibility of becoming a victim of cybercrime is real. The approaches and methodologies in Stay Cyber Safe are crucial for anyone looking to protect themselves or their business by mitigating the risk of cybersecurity threats and ransomware.

This guide to cybersecurity defence introduces its readers to CodeLock™ – a revolutionary and patented approach to cybersecurity that provides what the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) describes as being able to “stop the most sophisticated criminal malware.” Kostman and Gallagher also offer affordable, practical, and actionable advice on steps to take today to safeguard data assets.

Due to the early impact of its best-selling book and the invention of CodeLock™, ProtectedBy.AI has been named by DotCom Magazine as the 2021 Impact Company of The Year. This award is given to innovative industry leaders who make the world a better place and make a difference.


About ProtectedBy.AI

ProtectedBy.AI develops solutions that augment human intelligence that protect and advance companies and countries’ economic and security objectives. With a team of experts that have developed and delivered leading-edge solutions for a wide range of organizations, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the United States Department of Defense, ProtectedBy.AI provides cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions that are at the intersection of technology and psychology.

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