Pandemic sees rapid adoption of, ‘the world’s most intelligent property platform’.

Adoption of tech is growing, wildly. Proptech is experiencing this first hand as buyers and sellers seek a solution in lockdown.

As part of this rapid uptake, has seen a marked recent uptick in users of its data rich property platform. From a standing start, launching in August with zero users, its month on month growth is now seeing thousands of user sessions on a single day.

Startup tech growth is a funny old thing, one day it’s nowhere to be seen, the next it’s adopted by seemingly everyone you know.

Prior to lockdowns, maybe a handful of us had used (or even heard of) Zoom, the video conferencing app, that went from 35,000 users in February 2020, to over 1.65M users in November 2020, as people in the UK needed to connect and do business in a new way.

In a similar way, the huge community of investment property buyers found themselves in need of a new solution to find property during lockdown 3.0; and has proved to be a site they are increasingly adopting.

Rob Jones CEO explains, ‘Investor buyers are great buyers, but the number one portal is not their friend, it is too thin on detail for these types of buyers and hard to search on, now they are coming to us.’ provides an instant deep dive of property data for the buyer

Functionality of platforms is a big thing, has this covered, when you search here you get a deep dive of property information, it is quick to access, a full user centric experience. As Rob explains, ‘You don’t have to go to even multiple pages on a site. You can see all the information for a property on one page.’

‘This has led to a high customer enquiry quality on our site, their experience and understanding of the area and the location, in terms of the specific nature of what that location has as well as the wider picture of what the growth and the yields are all the way through to the specifics of that potential property, mean they are much closer to being a buyer. The buyer is inquiring on a property with much more confidence and they have that information at hand, and they are able to then make a better decision with a greater intent.

Not only that but this is an active buyer, in a world of lockdowns where viewings are difficult, unlike homeowners, investors can make decisions on properties without that physical viewing. Off plan, auctions, and ready tenanted properties, in the current environment are hard to view in person. But if you are an out of area buyer, then virtual viewing and data is ultimately what you need anyway. This leads to properties still being bought and sold actively even when viewings aren’t possible.’

Rob feels the reason that adoption of the site is growing month on month since its launch in August 2020, is because it is a place where the information hungry and analytically minded buyer can transact property business, find quality intel, and make informed decisions QUICKLY. 

Read More:, ‘the world’s most intelligent property platform’.

He goes on, ‘ to an extent is the investor buyer’s trusted one stop shop. This is also a great experience for sellers too, it is the place to be seen for example for the new home developer that is looking to sell purpose-built properties to investors, it’s a clear path to quality buyers.’ Rob explains that there is a huge community; of investment buyers who transact in a different way. These buyers, from corporate investment concerns to landlords, hang around in many clusters in and around the internet, there are sites where they glean information on what to buy, and also input from agents, but it is all piecemeal and with Covid-19 communication and access to the right information is often difficult.

Buying right every time

Now real sales are being lost, lockdowns are having a real impact, as potential buyers see a target property, but with some agent’s closed and site offices understaffed, the key facts the buyer wants before moving forward are just not there on normal portals.

This he feels gives the edge, ‘it is a central place where you can carry out research and due diligence and find the correct property supported by a range of our rich data sets, secure in the knowledge you can proceed’.

A huge solution to a huge problem

Despite all the doom and the gloom, there is a huge appetite and need for a large slice of buyers to get on and buy. And with most property portals focusing on homeowners limited to only providing a postcode, price range and property type as a search criteria, that leaves, like Zoom, all of a sudden in pole position with a huge solution, active buyers, to a huge problem, an uncertain market. full of value added digital layers

Another reason the site is becoming so successful in the opinion of Rob Jones CEO is that, ‘property xyz is built by a team with decades of experience, investing in the UK’s residential property market. We are not only investors ourselves but having spent years of working with other investors from around the world on buying UK properties, we have seen the variety of ways on how to collect data from a multitude of sources to read the market. This is the next evolution to go one step further and present all the data an investor would need, in one, easy-to-use interface – it is the site we wished existed when we first got into the scene’.

Whatever the reason is fast making itself ‘The place to go’ for those looking to consistently sell valuable housing stock or buy it, and is well worth a look. For further information if you are a New Home Builder, Investment Agent, Estate Agent or Property Developer looking to sell stock, or a buyer wanting unique insights,

Bekki Barnes

With 5 years’ experience in marketing, Bekki has knowledge in both B2B and B2C marketing. Bekki has worked with a wide range of brands, including local and national organisations.

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