New Palm Cooling Technology set to revolutionise athlete gains

Athletes utilise the CoreTx GO by cooling the palms of the hand during the rest periods of workouts. Multiple scientific studies, including papers from Stanford University, have shown this simple, localised cooling causes incredible reductions in fatigue and significantly enhances performance.

Across a range of different exercises palm cooling for just 2 minute between sets has drastically enhanced repetitions performed, increased time to fatigue and overall workload from highly experienced to beginner gym goers.

Peer reviewed scientific literature has observed a 40% increase in bench press work volume in just 3 weeks, and 144% increase in pull up volume in 6 weeks with experienced subjects.

Introducing: The CoreTx GO Palm Cooling device

The performance benefits of cold therapy have filtered from professional sport to the mainstream consumer over the last few years. Cooled compression, Ice baths, and Cryotherapy are all regularly used by athletes to maximise their performance and optimise their recovery.

Now, a ground breaking new product has been launched by the company that has supplied elite sports teams worldwide, with their cold therapy solutions for the last 20 years.

Colin Edgar, Founder of the CoreTx GO, has been supplying cold therapy solutions to elite sports teams including: Team GB, The FA, Manchester United, Manchester City, AC Milan, Bayern Munich and Wimbledon (Tennis).

“For over 20 years we’ve been working with professional sports teams across the globe, supplying them with the highest tech Ice Bath and Cryotherapy solutions. The benefits of cold therapy are undeniable, and incredibly important for athletes seeking to perform at the highest level.

Our latest product, the CoreTx GO, is totally revolutionary and a real game-changer for both strength and endurance athletes. Quick and simple applications between sets or during rest massively reduces fatigue, allowing users to dramatically increase their workload capability.”

THE SCIENCE: How does the CoreTx Go work?

The surface of the palms are covered with glabrous skin, containing a special network of blood vessels called arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs) which are direct connections of arteries to veins. This skin allows for the heating or cooling of circulating blood, returning it back to the body to subsequently heat or cool it – our internal core temperature can therefore be efficiently regulated through this mechanism.

Cooling the circulating blood from the palms benefits performance in two ways. Firstly: peripheral fatigue: the rising temperature during exercise affects enzymes responsible for contractions, reducing the ability for the muscle to function optimally, causing fatigue. Secondly: central fatigue, the neural impact of palm cooling results in motor unit recruitment, which increases work capacity as more muscle fibres are stimulated and contract, therefore improving performance.

The CoreTx GO palm cooling device will be the latest product utilised by the best sports teams worldwide to maximise performance and optimise recovery of their athletes. This portable device easily integrates into any gym or training facility and can be used by two people at once.

Matt Lawrence MSc MCSP HCPC, former Paralympic Physiotherapist and owner of CrossFit 2012 gym, has been testing the CoreTx GO with his clients and seen astonishing results:

“I use it all the time now. Any session that has any rest in it, I’ll use it without question. At first I was extremely sceptical of this technology, but I’ve been testing myself and clients have we’ve seen some truly remarkable results. As a scientist I’ve approached integrating this device as clinically as I can, trying to reduce as many variables as possible. In 6 weeks we’ve seen clients over double their total reps of dips and bench press, almost double their pull ups in 4 sessions and bicep curl 50% more reps in 4 sessions – and these are experienced lifters!

What we’re seeing with palm cooling is the drop off in repetitions between each set is much smaller. Without the cooling you might perform 15 reps on your first set, then maybe 10 on your second, 7 on your third etc. By using the CoreTx GO to cool the palms for 90-120 seconds between sets, you can maintain the reps throughout each subsequent set much better. As total reps performed is higher per set, overall workload is significantly higher.”

The Belfast Giants Ice Hockey team, currently ranked national champions, have been using innovative new tech, palm-cooling device CoreTx GO to support their performance and development on and off the ice.

The Belfast Giants Players report:

“We’ve been using the device during training and matches to give players an added element within training and games to work on.

During games in particular, many of the players noted that they felt a drop in their heart rate and a better control of breathing rate when their 2-minute period on the device had finished. One player in particular highlighted that their elevated body temperature being a conscious sensation between periods, said he felt more comfortable between periods and had a better level of readiness for the next period. This is a huge improvement and benefit to giving players a level of control over their physiological state during matches.

Moreover, we’ve also had several players say that whilst using the device they were also able to mentally reset better during the time of using the device. It allowed them a two-minute window to gain composure, reflect on the period in a calmer manner and then prepare to discuss the period with the coaches when relevant.

We’re excited to be using the device and look forward to gaining a greater understanding for how it improves and benefits individual players in their performance as well as our overall game results.”

Alexander Harvey

Health and tech writer

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