Huawei and Skyscanner form strategic flights partnership

Huawei, one of the world’s largest providers of information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices and Skyscanner, the leading global travel marketplace helping millions of travellers find the best options for flights, hotels, and car hire, today announce a partnership to bring new flight search capabilities to Huawei Mobile Services.

Skyscanner’s market leading Flight Search API, which provides global content and coverage from over 1,000 suppliers, is now integrated into Huawei Mobile Services native applications Petal Search and Petal Maps. Huawei users can now easily search for and compare flights, hotels, and car hire options across the world before being redirected to the suppliers’ platforms to finalize the purchase.

For users making their travel plans, Petal Search provides unique recommendations and inspiration functions on the Petal Search travel channel, which highlights offers that can help them to build their own authentic travel experiences. The travel channel can be accessed through multiple interfaces, whether it’s via the Petal Search app, Petal Search web version, Huawei Assistant, or users can simply swipe down on their HUAWEI phone to access the search engine bar integrated within the EMUI.

The integration will be available to the 40 million monthly active users of Huawei Petal Search in 170 countries, and over 28 million monthly active users of Petal Maps in 160 countries. Initially being rolled out in Europe before being rolled out globally, Petal Search users will enjoy access to the same content, coverage, and competitive pricing that native Skyscanner users are accustomed to.

Sonja Balcer, Director of Affiliate Marketing from Skyscanner comments: “We’re pleased to be partnering with Huawei to be powering flight discovery in Petal Search with our industry leading API. Petal Search users will now be able to find millions of flight combinations to destinations throughout the world, all in the palm of their hands with the most competitive flight prices and fast results. Our collaboration comes at an important time for the travel industry and we’re looking forward to winning both globally and locally together in the coming months and years ahead.”

The partnership comes as global aviation recovers and travelers seek to plan summer vacations

Skyscanner’s Flight Search API integration with Huawei Mobile Services is going live at a time when airlines are bringing back capacity and border restrictions are being relaxed throughout the world.

Recent survey data commissioned by Skyscanner reveals that 86% of travelers are planning to spend more or the same on travel compared to pre-pandemic, with half spending more. And travel demand is returning strongly in many regions across the world, with global search volumes up 20% month-on-month in March compared to February.

“As tourism picks up and consumer confidence grows, we think this is the perfect time to encourage consumers to get back out there. We want to support adventurous mindsets by building new and existing partnerships with travel and search brands to help build Petal Search as an efficient and reliable travel companion,” said Jaime Gonzalo, VP Huawei Mobile Services Europe.

Jaime added: “The arrival of Skyscanner to Petal Search sets a new milestone for our commitment of working with market leaders and innovators, like Skyscanner, which works with over 1,000 suppliers and that also appreciates our effort of giving more choices to end-users in a win-win approach”.

Petal Search, a Huawei Mobile Services native search engine, leverages the company’s latest technical advancements to provide users globally with cognitive search capabilities. It aims to provide a search experience populated with high-quality content and services, partnering with leading service providers across all sectors to make every day-to-day need as effortless as possible for the users of Huawei phones.

Search for flights from your phone using Petal Search: travel.


About Petal Search

Petal Search is an AI – powered mobile search engine that makes looking online extremely easy for Huawei users. Born in 2020, Petal Search allows users to find their favorite mobile apps, news, images, videos, shopping, local services, flights, hotels and up to 20 categories. It has a number of innovative features in comparison to other search engines and has been updated throughout with new enhancements to bring users a wholly reimagined searching experience. Huawei’s search engine complies with EU General data protection regulation (GDPR), local laws and security standards and has the ePrivacySeal GDPR certificate. Petal Search is preinstalled onto every new Huawei smartphone or tablet, and users can also download it from the AppGallery or their browser, or easily access the web version ( from any device.

About Skyscanner

Founded in 2003, Skyscanner is a leading travel marketplace dedicated to putting travellers first. Skyscanner helps millions of people in 52 countries and over 30 languages find the best travel options for flights, hotels and car hire every month. Skyscanner is available on desktop, mobile web and its highly rated app has 100 million downloads. Working with 1200 travel partners, Skyscanner’s mission is to lead the global transformation to modern and sustainable 


Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

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