How N-able is amplifying partner success initiatives

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N-Able has expanded its partner-first programs to build on its commitment to provide resources and support that go beyond technology.

N-able (formerly SolarWinds MSP), the purpose-built technology partner for managed services providers (MSPs), today announced the launch of MarketBuilder, a platform that provides MSPs with campaigns they can quickly and easily brand and use in their own sales and marketing programs. Additionally, it has added three new advocates to its Head Nerds team, deepening the real-world expertise available for MSP partners. These developments will help provide MSPs with the knowledge and support needed to help their business transform and thrive.

MarketBuilder provides N-able partners with a selection of ready-made, customizable marketing and sales campaigns they can use to promote their own offerings. Designed to help MSPs sell their services—no matter the level of marketing and sales expertise within the company—it comes preloaded with content created specifically for MSPs to help fortify their value proposition and grow their business. MarketBuilder users have sent out over 40,000 emails in the past six months to help generate leads and close new deals while publishing more than 1,000 social posts each month.

MarketBuilder resources also include:

  • A guide to speaking with customers and prospects
  • Sample social media posts
  • Complete email campaigns
  • Sales sheets
  • Microsites (landing pages)
  • PowerPoint® sales presentations

David Woodruff, president at Connectivity Systems, an N-able MSP partner: “N-able continues to prove to be the best-in-class partner. Using the MarketBuilder platform with its professional content and campaigns, we have seen double digit growth in our security and backup service offerings.” 

“After talking with our MSP partners, many shared that they spend most of their time on running their business, leaving limited time to focus on growth. We immediately knew we could help them with their marketing activity, which is such a critical part of their business,” said Kevin Bury, chief customer officer, N-able. “MarketBuilder provides MSPs with the tools and resources they need to effectively market their business, helping them generate and close leads while providing a way to stay in touch with prospects and customers.”

The Head Nerds, who began their advisory efforts in early 2020, recently welcomed three new members to the team. They deliver training boot camps, educational resources, and consultative office hours to help MSPs understand and maximize the most important business growth opportunities. The newest members include:

  • Stefanie Hammond, Head Sales and Marketing Nerd: Stefanie has consulted and supported MSPs since 2004. In her role, she guides partners through customer conversations that help them take control of their sales process. She is committed to assisting MSPs with the modernization and delivery of training around their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Lewis Pope, Head Security Nerd: Lewis began his IT career as a freelance PC technician before spending six years growing a break/fix business into an MSP. Over the last three years, he has helped N-able partners make that same journey. As a Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP), he’s also helped MSPs further mature their security practices—so they can meet the challenges of the ever- evolving cybersecurity landscape with confidence.
  • Jason Murphy, Head N-central Nerd: Jason has worked with a top 20 MSP as a sales engineer, system architect, and program manager. He’s also worked with N-able as a sales engineer. His previous vendor and MSP experience has made him an expert in the N-able N-central® solution. In his current role, he focuses on helping partners operate as efficiently as possible through automation and an optimized N-central experience.

“Our Head Nerds are deeply dedicated to our partners’ success, which is why we continue to expand the team to provide MSPs with a wider spectrum of knowledge and perspective to learn from to help their business be successful,” explained Mike Cullen, group vice president, partner enablement, N-able. “Our new advocates are now ready and available, delivering online training and valuable one-on-one consultations to advise our MSPs on how to grow their business. We’re really pleased to welcome Stefanie, Lewis, and Jason to the Head Nerds team.”


About N-able

N-able (formerly SolarWinds MSP) empowers managed services providers (MSPs) to help small and medium enterprises navigate the digital evolution. With a flexible technology platform and powerful integrations, we make it easy for MSPs to monitor, manage, and protect their end customer systems, data, and networks. Our growing portfolio of security, automation, and backup and recovery solutions is built for IT services management professionals. N-able simplifies complex ecosystems and enables customers to solve their most pressing challenges. We provide extensive, proactive support—through enriching partner programs, hands-on training, and growth resources—to help MSPs deliver exceptional value and achieve success at scale.

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An image of N-able, News, How N-able is amplifying partner success initiatives

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