Be Alert Today for a Safer Tomorrow with Ways of Enhancing your Business Security

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You are a small enterprise owner, and having a sigh of relief against cyber attacks or break-ins is a usual bent of mind. After all, you believe that criminals are more interested in digging out the much deeper pockets of giant corporations. 

Now, this might sound good to you, but I’m afraid that statistics depict differently. Reports suggest that year 2018 saw security breaches of Canadian Small Businesses worth $1.1 million. Criminals targeting small-sized enterprises have been rising at a pressing rate. However, the saddest part here is that these companies are less equipped for coping with the reputational and financial losses that come along the way. With such prevailing problems, seeking some IT support and investing in an excellent security system might seem the best option for you. Well, if that’s on your mind, then following some for beefing up the security of your small business should be on the top of your priority list. Can’t wait to know how? Well, stick onto us while we unveil the best of ways:

Perform a Security Assessment

The very first step towards maintaining a secure work environment is assessing the threats that might hamper the security of your company. These assessments include checking the vulnerabilities of your business processes and the IT systems. The experts in IT security recommend undertaking some steps for lowering the risk associated with future attacks. You can also make use of some tools for identifying and resolving the issues linked to the security of your business. Having some experts for checking the potential security risks of your enterprise works the best for you. A network detective helps you in identifying some issues like:

  • Security issues related to wireless networks
  • External vulnerabilities 
  • Web browser control lacks
  • Network security share permissions

Based on these issues, you tend to receive a security assessment score. 

Lay Hands-on Cybersecurity

Did you know that a whopping percentage of 71% of cyber attacks target small businesses? Well, now you do, so it is always wise to consider your business’s digital aspects along with the physical ones. Cybersecurity has diverse layers, thus planning on doing at least the minimum is vital. Some of the things that you can plan onto are:

  1. Securing the network of your Wi-Fi and monitoring traffic for identifying intruders.
  2. Impart knowledge of having a strong password to your employees. 
  3. Ensure having up-to-date company devices. These must constitute new-fangled software, firewall protection, and antivirus protection. 
  4. Encrypt sensitive data while considering its storage as well as transmission. 
  5. Have a data storage plan that works well with your security requirements, and inculcate the thought-process in all your employees. 
  6. Ensure backing up your data regularly. Doing this helps you in keeping safe in times of uncertainty or data breach. 

Security building strategies

Your customer and employee security should hold paramount importance to you. The professionals recommend considering this as one of the foremost things when thinking of building a security strategy for your business. Ensure securing your office building to the best levels- both during the day and night. In case of possessing a leasing unit, check the security of the entrance. Having video surveillance cameras covering your building should be number one on your to-do list. These capture images of everywhere, including the outsides of the building in addition to the insides. Ensure saving the captured images so that you dwell in tranquillity if the need for the same arises. 

Equipment Security

The expensive equipment in your office requires protection, especially when the office is empty. One of the best ideas is securing all your small yet vital equipment in a safe. However, larger items like PCs can find protection against theft by tethering them onto desks. 

Undertake detections and responses to insider threats

A 2019 research report shows that as daunting as 34% of data breaches are a result of internal actors. These insider threats are not alone the result of malicious attacks, but also a reason for employee system and data negligence. Protecting against these threats has become essential, and organizations require quick and accurate detection, investigation, and responding to issues that could act as an indicator of insider attacks. These threats, too, need the usage of some specialized tools. Antivirus and anti-malware tools work well in being effective against these threats. These effectively monitors:

  1. Installation of new apps on locked computers
  2. Unauthorized logins
  3. Device admin rights to new users
  4. New devices that work on restricted networks

The right kind of tools help you in setting and enforcing your desired security policies. 

Final Takeaways

Backing up systems on the cloud, implementing multi-factor authentication, and developing a response plan are some other ways of elevating security in your small scale enterprise. Incorporating these ways can help in protecting your enterprise against cyber and physical attacks. Aptly secure your hard work and protect before it is too late! 

An image of Business Security, News, Be Alert Today for a Safer Tomorrow with Ways of Enhancing your Business Security

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