Ribbon Health launches next-gen “Provider Focus Areas”

Ribbon Next Gen, MedTech, Ribbon Health launches next-gen “Provider Focus Areas”

Ribbon’s Industry-first solution unlocks previously hidden insights into provider focus areas, enabling patients and providers alike to find the right care for a given condition or treatment and improve care experiences

Today, Ribbon Health, a leading healthcare data platform, announced the launch of Provider Focus Areas, the healthcare industry’s first provider data solution that uses machine learning to surface rich information from claims data to enable personalised provider recommendations. With information about providers’ patient panel demographics, conditions treated, and treatments delivered, Provider Focus Areas allows health organisations to understand the type of care a provider performs, matching patients with the right provider. Ultimately, this simplifies patient care journeys and driving better health outcomes.

Connecting patients to the proper care for their health needs is critical to enabling better care experiences and outcomes. Typically, the best available information on a provider’s focus is the academic speciality, i.e., “orthopedics.” However, when searching for a specialist to treat hand or wrist concerns, an “orthopedist” is not a helpful indicator to determine whether the provider is truly the right fit. These examples persist across nearly every speciality, resulting in inefficiency, waste, and delayed or inappropriate care.

Ribbon’s industry-first solution will empower health organisations and innovators such as Firefly and Health Karma to confidently direct care for patients. In addition to this, it seeks to lower the total cost of care and improve care experiences by enhancing their ability to find providers that meet patients’ health needs.

“We aim to deliver half-priced healthcare that is twice as good, clinically and emotionally. Our care model is powered by intuitive technology and built around people,” said Fay Rotenberg, CEO at Firefly Health. “We’re proud to partner with Ribbon to bring Provider Focus Areas to our clinical team and further elevate the exceptional care we deliver to our patients.”

“Getting connected to the right provider can be transformative for patients, but all too often, information on specialities lack depth or are too complex, causing frustration and making it challenging for consumers to find the right care,” said Michael Swartz, President of Health Karma, Inc. “Ribbon has been a key partner for us as we integrate Provider Focus Areas to build a truly impactful and consumer-friendly healthcare search.”

In addition to Ribbon’s existing best-in-class data on providers, insurance plans, and cost and quality of care, Provider Focus Areas delivers:

  • Claims-based data on providers’ practices – Ribbon pairs coverage across 99% of providers in the United States with an industry-leading claims dataset to supply a deep understanding of providers’ practices. Combining the breadth of data with the depth of clinical and claims analysis generates rich insights that increase provider time efficiency and ensure patient referrals are well suited for the provider
  • Specific detail on patient panel, conditions treated, and treatments performed – Ribbon enables confident care guidance with a deep, contextualised understanding of the type of care a provider performs. This insight can help identify better provider matches the first time, decreasing time spent matching patients with providers and lowering the total cost of care.
  • Simple, intuitive terms summarising the type of care a provider performs – Ribbon reduces the complexity and confusion around academic terms, making it easier for patients and internal teams to understand which provider is the right fit for their health needs. For example, rather than reviewing conditions such as “atopic dermatitis,” “flexural eczema,” and “eczema,” Ribbon clusters each into one intuitive search term, “eczema.”

“Provider Focus Areas promises to be a game-changer for patient care—for the first time, healthcare organisations and patients will have the rich, specific data they need to inform which providers are the best fit,” said Nate Maslak, CEO of Ribbon Health. “Together with our best-in-class data, it will be not only possible but also simple to identify the right provider and connect patients to them. We’re proud to create new possibilities with Provider Focus Areas that will improve patient journeys and health outcomes.”

To learn more about Ribbon Provider Focus Areas, visit our website.


About Ribbon Health

Ribbon Health is a healthcare data platform making it easy for every health care decision to be high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient by delivering the most comprehensive, real-time information on doctors, insurance plans, and cost and quality of care. Ribbon’s API layer provides payers, providers, and digital health solutions with the data and infrastructure needed to power accurate provider directories, simple referral management, and efficient care navigation – all in one platform. Ribbon Health enables a more straightforward, more connected healthcare experience by bringing clarity and reliability to provider data. Headquartered in New York, Ribbon is backed by leading investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, BoxGroup, and several leading health care entrepreneurs. For more information, go to ribbonhealth.com or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter @ribbonhealthAPI.

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