Introducing Asana Partners: Connecting Distributed Teams with Clarity


Featuring over 200 Technology Partners including new Zendesk, Adobe, Canva, InVision, Looker and Lucidchart integrations

Launching Asana’s Channel Partner network across 75 countries

Connecting the world’s teams in 7 new languages 

Today Asana, Inc. (NYSE: ASAN), a leading work management platform for teams, announced the launch of Asana Partners, an ecosystem of over 200 essential work tools and strategic channel partners across 75 countries. Asana also announced the addition of 7 new languages—Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Polish, Swedish and Russian—making Asana accessible to more people in their native languages around the world. 

“According to the Anatomy of Work Index 2021, workers switch between 10 apps 25 times per day and miss over one-quarter of all deadlines. As a result, employees are struggling to prioritize their work, logging longer hours and burning out at higher rates as they continue grappling with the challenges of distributed work,” said Chris Farinacci, Chief Operating Officer, Asana. 

“As a single platform for clarity and accountability, Asana breaks down the barriers that prevent distributed teams from doing their work, their way. Asana Partners augments the power of Asana by connecting organizations with over 200 essential enterprise tools, a channel partner network and more languages than ever before, so teams can spend less time coordinating and more time creating, no matter where they’re located.”

Technology Partners Powering Distributed Work

With Asana Partners, customers can integrate Asana with over 200 Technology Partners, including communications apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom, and business intelligence tools, such as Looker, PowerBI and Tableau, for customizable visualizations and data-backed insights into how distributed teams are tracking towards their goals. In addition, Asana is bringing together the tools that service and marketing teams love via new partnerships with Zendesk, Adobe, Canva, InVision and LucidChart.

Starting today, customer relationship teams have more ways to connect with cross-functional partners via the new Asana for Zendesk integration. Now, service teams can easily escalate tickets by creating and linking Asana tasks directly from Zendesk, providing collaborators with the most up to date information and real-time visibility into the status of the ticket. Rules can be created to automatically trigger notifications for Zendesk users upon task completion, resolving tickets quickly without toggling between tools.

“Customer support is increasingly a team sport involving multiple company departments. The new Asana integration with Zendesk gives cross-functional teams the real-time visibility needed to execute on a particular task, program, or customer initiative,” said Ben Barclay, Vice President, Corporate Development and Technology Alliances, Zendesk. “We’re excited that this partnership will enable businesses using Asana and Zendesk to collaborate better, respond with context and resolve customer inquiries faster.”

Distributed marketing, creative and design teams can also conceptualize new ideas in their tool of choice, and embed rich media content into Asana. Beginning today, customers can access new integrations with Adobe XD Canva, InVision and LucidChart. These new integrations, along with  recently launched partnerships with Figma, Vimeo and Miro, enable creative workflows virtually—from whiteboarding to web design—directly within Asana. 

“Our partnership with Asana unlocks a wealth of new opportunities to continue delivering on our mission of empowering the world to design anything and publish anywhere,” said Laura Haines, General Manager, Global Partnerships and Products, Canva. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Asana’s platform to continue delivering value to the millions of teams around the world using Canva to bolster their visual communications.”

The new Adobe XD integration expands Asana’s current offerings with Adobe Creative Cloud, which bring Asana to some of the world’s most popular creative tools — Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

 “With the Asana integration for Creative Cloud apps, our joint customers will be able to reduce the amount of time spent coordinating across tools, ultimately improving cross-team collaboration and expediting the creative process,” said Vijay Vachani, Senior Director, Platform, Ecosystem and International, Creative Cloud, Adobe.

Introducing Asana’s Channel Partner Network

The launch of Asana’s Channel Partner network connects customers with leading solutions, reseller and systems integrator experts in 75 countries to eliminate information silos and help organizations coordinate their work with clarity.

Hand-selected for their capabilities in enterprise software and change management, partners including Dell and SHI offer professional and technical services to ensure success for distributed workers, from deploying Asana to setting up workflows to building custom solutions. Undergoing a rigorous certification program, partners offer training and resources covering a wide range of needs and skills, across teams and timezones.

“We’re proud to join Asana Partners to arm global workers with the solutions they need to work more effectively in today’s remote world,” said Glenn Davis, Chief Innovation Officer, SHI. “At SHI, we’re focused on transforming today’s remote work into a truly hybrid model with the devices, infrastructure, and solutions enabling the world’s workers to have greater impact with less effort. Our partnership with Asana ensures that our customers have the solutions they need to support their hybrid work initiatives in 2021 and beyond.”

Expanding Asana to 13 Global Languages 

In its largest market expansion to-date, Asana announced the addition of seven new languages, delivering more ways for knowledge workers to access Asana in their native language. 

Starting today, the full Asana experience is available in Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and Polish, with Italian, Korean, and Swedish launching in the coming months. The new languages join the current product capabilities in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, enabling global collaboration and connection in a total of 13 languages.

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