How the digital nomad generation influences business behaviour

For so many of us, we can still recall a life where technology was not so heavily interlaced into our everyday. But, while many of us can remember the days of a dial-up connection, floppy disks, and flip phones, a generation of digital nomads are rising, who have spent infancy with smartphones in their hands.

As we pair the digital fluency of Generation Z and its subsequent generations with the acceleration of digital transformation across all sectors in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it is no surprise that the standard working model has given way to remote and hybrid work. While the benefits are considerable, a new set of security concerns has been added to the plate of technology decision-makers, who must contend with cloud security threats; the lack of firewalls and blacklisted IP addresses, and bring your own device (BYOD) considerations. Top Business Tech catches up with several thought leaders who provide their thoughts on the shifting landscape.

Sep 28, 2021 10:00:00

Our panel of experts

Connor Blakley

21 year old entrepreneur, specialist in Gen Z

Julia Robson

Founder and CEO of DNMK Esports

Dr Paul Redmond

Director of Student Experience and Enhancement, University of Liverpool

Josephine Hansom

Managing Director: Insight, YouthSight

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