Holland & Barrett and TPRG to use Fourth’s workforce management technology

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Holland & Barrett and Theo Paphitis Retail Group announce new workforce management systems partnership with Fourth to evolve the employee experience

Holland & Barrett have announced today that they will partner with Fourth, the leading global software provider for the retail and hospitality sectors. Both Holland & Barrett and the Theo Paphitis Retail Group (TPRG), which includes popular high street brands Robert Dyas, Ryman, and Boux Avenue, have confirmed their partnership in an effort to improve their employee’s experience with the companies.

Fourth are a digital workforce management, payroll, and HR solution for the global retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Fourth’s aim is to provide insights and solutions to businesses on the way in which costs can be better controlled to scale profitability and importantly improve employee engagement.

This partnership will see its cutting-edge workforce management technology implemented in over 1,000 stores across the UK for almost 10,000 employees of Holland & Barrett and TPRG. Sebastien Sepierre, Managing Director- EMEA at Forth, commented, “This is a huge step for us here at Fourth. With both Holland & Barrett and TPRG investing in Fourth to take forward their workforce management, we are proud to be bringing our technology to the support of their workforces in the near future and seeing the positive impact it has during this incredibly important time for the retail sector.”

In 2022, Fourth will help streamline and modernize the businesses, including software programs such as Fourth Engage, MySchedules, and Fourth’s enhanced productivity tools. This fully integrated system will help both companies manage the employee lifecycle from the start of the hiring process through onboarding to scheduling, paying, engaging, and ultimately retaining their employees.

Fourth has helped thousands of businesses across the hospitality and retail sectors significantly improve their workforce management capabilities, creating seamless contact between employee and employer throughout the pandemic and helping businesses implement transparent furlough protocols. This has been a difficult time for many businesses, and the need to improve this area has been made clear to most company leaders.

Sebastien states, “The importance of fast, seamless, and transparent communication between employer and employee couldn’t be more important going forward out of the pandemic. Greater reliance on technology that can bring forth this evolution is going to be of high importance, and that’s why both TPRG and Holland & Barrett have decided now is the time to work with Fourth.” This technology and expertise are precisely what Holland & Barrett and TPRG will benefit from for their respective companies for the foreseeable future.

When asked about choosing Forth to help manage their workforce software, Caroline Kitcher, CPO for Holland and Barrett says “Following the pandemic, improving our colleague’s experience has been on the top of our priority list, and so we looked to Fourth to help us advance the way we use HR technology to support our colleagues about their employment lifecycle, as well as providing the business with powerful MI and insights. Fourth’s tech platform and initiatives will help us transform our colleague’s experience for the better, enabling change and agility to our growing workforce, and we look forward to seeing its positive impact.”

Laura Keane from TPRG also spoke about working with Fourth, commenting that “At TPRG, we’ve been looking for a way to rejuvenate and replace complex systems and processes with an up to date and modern workforce management system; I’m pleased to say we’ve found that with Fourth. We’re looking forward to seeing how Fourth’s tech helps to empower our employees to succeed with the new workforce management system, its functionalities, and capabilities.”

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Presently most businesses should be thinking about following a similar route to ensure that staff and their management services are updated to match the new technologically advanced workplace we have seen develop during the lockdown. It would seem Fourth is a Company to look into for those that want to improve this area, especially if you still want a fully mobile workforce moving forward as this is a fully cloud-based service. It would be good to think that popularity shows quality as Fourth has become very popular with large brands including Tesco, Pizza Express, and Selfridges.

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