Blockchain digital tokens, How the Metaverse can power the physical world through property investment using Lynk Tokens

Lynk property tokens

We take a look at Lynkey‘s new property investment plan using the Metaverse and NFT’s to power the future of the tourism industry.

The use of Blockchain and Bitcoin has spread across the world rapidly, especially now with the anticipated release of Metaverse and the creation of an NFT marketplace. This idea was already showing up in 2020 as US property investors made 2.2 bn USD worth of property between Texas, New York, and California available to buy via Tokens. This currency is far more useful in the real world than many believe, as companies continue to make more and more items or property available to buy for tokens.

The idea of real estate tokenization first made its appearance to the public when Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, purchased the world’s first blockchain-backed apartment in Kiev via Propy in 2017. Following this, in 2021 he then sold the apartment for 36 ETH, showing that property in the physical world is now something that can be bought with token currency.

A new company that has decided to tackle this marketplace is LynKey, a Singapore- based smart tourism and Property tech start-up that are creating a blockchain-powered token marketplace and ecosystem to power luxury resort and vacation property with Blockchain, AI, NFTs, and Metaverse tech. Their launch plan includes a project aiming to offer NFT, Metaverse solutions of over 8 bn USD worth of properties. The aim of this is to take digitization of property and tourism on a scale not seen ever before.

LynKey’s objective is to tokenize all aspects of property development, purchases, land use, leases, and related tourism entertainment. It envisions connecting people around the world with the best of property tech and smart tourism premium experiences from resorts and cruises with NFTs and Metaverse AR and VR solutions. With a global blockchain token marketplace ecosystem and community, LynKey efficiently overcomes the need for non-necessary intermediaries, empowering its users to explore the ecosystem that offers real-time solutions and soon, also metaverse experiences.

Dinis Guarda, founder and non-executive Chairman of LynKey comments “Using NFTs and Metaverse solutions with AI data-driven protocol sets, we are creating clear digital transformation solutions for the travel and entertainment space with smart tourism and property tech that can help these industries in new solutions to empower these global industries. LynKey connects the global audience with a Blockchain-powered platform and a token that empowers an ecosystem for time-sharing using NFTs as digital certification, and reward solutions at premium luxury tourist spots,” 

Following the pandemic, the property investment and tourism industry could use companies like Lynkey as property businesses and cities need potential clients to thrive, there is also a dire need for this industry to catch up with current technological advances.

For many, this new advancement in investment cuts out the middleman and makes the entire process more transparent as it becomes a one-to-one process. Both parties would be able to see all digital proof of transactions and know exactly who needs to pay for or owns assets. So Lynk tokens make buying property or investing in resort developments an easier process on both sides.

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Token investments may save you money, mainly due to the fact there are no custom laws set on cryptocurrency as it is unrecognized as legal tender on national levels at present. Cryptocurrencies by their very nature are not subject to the exchange rates, interest rates, transactions charges, or other levies imposed by a specific country. There is always a risk of course with investments that your token value may decrease.

Looking at the market at present, however, It is easy to predict that token values in this area will only increase as following restrictions being lifted and borders opening, the public is keen to travel and make up for the lost time.

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