Sam Colley

Sam Colley is CEO of Pod Group, responsible for leading the business and driving new and innovative service offerings, such as ENO ONE Global. As an expert in the telecoms sector, Sam has focused his career on business development within the mobile data connectivity market, specializing in the IoT sector. With over a decade at Pod Group, Sam has made his way up by continuously adding value to the company, identifying, and targeting growth markets that contribute directly to the geographic and financial expansion of the organisation. In 2014, Sam relocated to the USA to lead Pod’s US office in San Francisco, California. His first five years there were a turning point for Pod as he managed to grow the US business by 100% year on year. Sam was subsequently appointed Group CEO in 2019, taking Pod into another phase of growth, focusing on developing new global markets and increasing Pod's footprint in existing markets. This culminated in the company's acquisition by Giesecke+Devrient, world leaders in eSIM technology, in 2021. Outside of work, Sam is a dedicated family man, spending his time enjoying every part of being a parent.

Posts by Sam Colley:

Smart Labels and the intersection of technology and logistics

The delicate fabric of the ever-evolving technological landscape is being rewoven with the introduction of game-changing elements like smart labels, which are bringing the logistics industry to the forefront of innovation. These technological wonders are not only transforming the landscape of logistics, but they are also unlocking a multitude of options where precision, discretion, and efficiency are of the utmost importance.

The convergence of design and technology is shown here with the introduction of smart labels, a new product category which is a harmonic blend of slim profile design and cutting-edge technology, boasting millimetre-thick applications and embedded with low-power cellular LTE CAT-M connectivity.