Ralf Gladis

Ralf is the Co-Founder and CEO of the international Payment Service Provider Computop – the payment people. In addition, Ralf acts as non-executive Director at Computop, Inc in New York. Prior to founding Computop, Ralf developed databases, writing books and articles published by large IT editors. In 1993 Ralf and Frank Arnoldt, a fellow IT student, founded Computop and entered the e-commerce business in 1997. During the early years, strongly utilizing his technical background, Ralf was the architect of Computop Paygate, the company’s payment platform, and was subsequently responsible for software development. Later, he focused on sales and marketing. In his current role, Ralf is responsible for the international expansion and strategic planning at Computop. Today, Computop provides global payment solutions and fraud prevention to over 16,000 mid-large sized multichannel merchants with a yearly processing volume of $34 billion.

Posts by Ralf Gladis:

Payment evolution as part of Industry 4.0

By uniting physical and digital technologies, Industry 4.0 promises a transformation in how we lead our lives. It offers both an opportunity and a challenge to industries, and a world of innovation that will benefit consumers. In this article, Ralf Gladis, CEO at the global payment service provider, Computop looks at the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the world of payments.