Open Seas

Open Seas is a UK-based enterprise IT solutions company specialising in cyber security and data protection. Open Seas acts as a bridge between customers and best-in-class IT suppliers providing optimum solutions to their customers’ IT needs. In addition to its 24x7 cross-platform MDR service, the company provides Privileged Access Management and Zero Trust Network Access solutions, file synchronisation, replication, and backup products. Open Seas is an official UK distributor for Neowave products including the Winkeo-C FIDO2 security key, Winkeo U2F and Badgeo smart cards.

Posts by Open Seas:

A modern approach to office cyber security

50-person UK Law firm saved £48,000 per year on Network Infrastructure costs and removed Ransomware, Malware and phishing risks. Adopted modern approach by using Chrome Enterprises’ ZTN, Chromebooks & NEOWAVE’s Winkeo FIDO U2F secure keys.