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Winning in the New Era of Data Management

How Microsoft SQL Server 2019 will change the way you manage your data estate

In the data-driven age, information is as valuable as currency. Entire industries are being disrupted by new data sources, emerging technologies and tech-native startups. Harnessing more data from more sources to provide actionable insights more quickly and cost-effectively is the key to outpacing the competition.
As organizations evaluate IT strategies for harnessing data, it’s clear that running traditional data warehouses and databases on isolated infrastructure is an untenable IT model in the era of petabyte data stores and real-time analytics.

The competitive advantage will go to organizations that can virtualize data so users can quickly and easily access
data across all platforms and environments to make better decisions in real time — without the time and cost burden of traditional extract, transform, load (ETL) processes.

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, , Winning in the New Era of Data Management

, , Winning in the New Era of Data Management


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