Investigating the Future of Forensics in Oceania

Private Cloud, Whitepapers, Investigating the Future of Forensics in Oceania

The challenges investigators face are getting more difficult to overcome. The sheer volume of data being created shows no sign of slowdown. And an overwhelming variety of data formats are being created, seemingly on a daily basis. The backlogs are continuing to pile up.

Investigators and digital forensics professionals require new strategies and technologies to overcome these problems – solutions that are forensically sound, nearly limitless in scalability, and provide for better collaboration.

Join our expert panel to explore:
• An update on the market situation in Oceania
• Discussion around the people, processes and technologies that can help overcome investigative challenges
• The latest innovations in digital forensics
• What the future holds for digital forensics in Oceania

Jiaqi Qian, Senior Account Executive at Exterro, will be joined by a special guest to investigate the future of digital forensics and discuss how organisations can future proof their investigations.

Join us on Thu, Nov 4, 2021 03:00 AM – 04:00 AM GMT