From Prototype to Post Deployment: Linux Decision Points

Developing embedded solutions can be a journey. Not all applications start at the same place in the journey or take the same development path, but a common theme applies to the steps involved.

This e-book will walk you through this journey and touch on key considerations throughout development.

So why is Linux appealing at the edge?

The edge is a natural extension of the cloud, which was built on Linux and open source technologies and practices. The Linux Foundation openly cites more than 235,000 developers, more than any number you’ll find at a single company. In addition, its open source contributions consist of more than 19,000 contributing companies as well as 1.15 billion lines of code.

At the end of the day, how does a company decide whether to use a COTS distribution or a specific vendor (either a semiconductor vendor, board vendor, or commercial OS vendor)? The answer ties back to the company’s business strategy and the factors critical to its success. Is a competitive control point needed to level the playing field? Or is innovation the primary focus? This should help guide you on your journey, and the answers may evolve and change over time.

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