Shell Lubricants for Driveline: Fuelling a Productive Fleet

How truck and bus fleet managers can use IoT, connectivity and intelligent lubrication regimes to cut emissions and maximise efficiency.

, Whitepapers, Shell Lubricants for Driveline: Fuelling a Productive Fleet
, Whitepapers, Shell Lubricants for Driveline: Fuelling a Productive Fleet

The success of your heavy truck fleet business depends on your ability to keep vehicles on the road, while finding innovative new ways to maximise cost efficiency and responding to new legislative pressures and specifications.

You need a simplified lubricant portfolio and expert advice that help you reduce emissions and fuel consumption – while increasing power output, extending equipment life and service intervals.

This is why we’ve created Shell lubricants for Driveline: a suite of high-performing lubricants and support services that adds up to more than the sum of its parts – making you more efficient, profitable and competitive. 

Putting this into perspective, customers leveraging Shell Technical Services have seen a marked improvement in their operations. This has delivered over $68M in documented value savings to Shell’s B2B customers.

Read our new report European fleets and intelligent maintenance: delivering a competitive edge, to find out how you can use Industry 4.0 technology and intelligent lubrication to increase efficiency, cut emissions and reduce costs.

  • Three-quarters (75%) of fleet businesses currently use at least one Industry 4.0 technology and 77% expect Industry 4.0 technologies to save them money
  • In spite of this, 70% of fleet operators are concerned that the costs of new technology may outweigh the benefits
  • As a result, over two-thirds (69%) are unwilling to upgrade while current machinery is still operational
  • 77% of fleet managers also say their maintenance staff would benefit from extra training
  • By working with the right partners, fleet businesses can get the advice they need to get the most out of current and new technology

Join our webinar on 26th October: Intelligent Automation - Maintaining the competitive edge.