These Personal Habits That May Be Slowing Down Your Mac!

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Slow-performing devices can be a pain in the neck because they do more than only frustrating you. They can reduce your productivity and lead to unnecessary stress. However, it is something you cannot avoid, even if you are using the most advanced device and the most upgraded OS versions. You may notice that your Mac takes longer to start up or runs slow at some point. While the issue may be technical most times, your personal habits may also be responsible for the slowdown. Surprisingly, your habits may work gradually and cause issues that are more serious than you can imagine. Here are the ones you should steer clear of if you want your Mac to run fast and without any glitches.

Uptime too long

If you have been lazy about shutting down and restarting your system, there are good chances that it will experience a performance lag. Even when your Mac is in sleep mode, its hard drive is still running. As it runs, processes build up and cause the system to slow down over time. It can end up overheating or even freezing eventually. Experts advise that you should shutdown and restart your Mac regularly to keep it in good shape.

Running too many applications at once

Another habit that can have a negative impact on your Mac’s performance is running multiple applications simultaneously. You may want to play Spotify in the background and browse Facebook while working on a Word document or Excel sheet. But the multitasking habit can land you in trouble with a slow-performing Mac that needs help. Multiple programs running at the same time exert pressure on your system resources, and nothing would work as expected.

Cluttering the system with too much

Most users load up their devices with too many files and folders over time. Duplicates make things even worse. It is important to clear the clutter periodically by getting rid of the ones that you do not need anymore. Even as there are several useful cleanup tools and duplicate finders for Mac, you may still avoid using them and purging your computer of the extras, only because you are too lazy. It is the worst mistake you can make because too much load on the memory can slow it down seriously. Moreover, the system gets disorganized, and it is often hard to access files that you may need. 

Loading up the desktop

Apart from cluttering the memory of your Mac, loading up the desktop is another habit that can harm its performance. Saving files and icons on the desktop makes things easier as you can access them easily without extra clicks. Moreover, having important things in your sight makes you feel confident. But they end up burdening the resources and slowing down the overall speed to a considerable extent.

Using a Mac seamlessly is more than just knowing your device and its features well enough. You also need to exercise good habits to ensure that you don’t end up hampering its performance unintentionally. Not being aware and continuing with the wrong practices can cause big trouble eventually. 

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Matthew Hughes

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