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Teen’s smart fridge tweets go viral after parents confiscate her phone

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Credit: LG

A 15-year-old girl has gone viral on Twitter after posting social updates via her family’s smart fridge, among other devices.

The teenager, known only as Dorothy, had her phone taken away from her after starting a fire whilst cooking, with her mother blaming the blaze on the distraction of social media.

Despite the technology ban, however, Dorothy managed to update her followers about her absence via a number of devices, culminating in an LG Smart Fridge in her home. Dorothy also managed to send out posts via the Image Share option of the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo WiiU.

“Thank u [sic] all for the support and love,” said a message, written on a note in the game Minecraft and uploaded via the Nintendo WiiU games console. “I will answer my DMs when I have stable connection to Twitter.”

The Twitter profile is described as a “fan account” in its bio and is primarily dedicated to singer Ariana Grande. Dorothy surpassed 500 followers at the beginning of August but has since topped 28,000 in the wake of her iPhone ban.

The official Twitter account has since called Dorothy “iconic”, with LG’s account joining in tweeting the hashtag “#FreeDorothy”.

In the last few months, Twitter has introduced labels indicating where tweets are being sent from. This distinguishes mobile and app usage of the platform from web usage; it can also be used to show when scheduling tools and social media management platforms are used. Twitter users were informed that Dorothy had tweeted from a fridge by the label under the tweet confirming so.

Dorothy’s mother threatened to delete the account but at the time of writing, Dorothy is still active on Twitter.