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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to S/4HANA

What’s holding you back from moving to S/4HANA? Confusion about which S/4HANA deployment route? An unclear business case? The fear of business disruption? Whatever the reason, ignoring the looming end of support for ECC in 2027 is the wrong choice.

Understanding the New SAP Cloud Mindset

SAP partners have been delivering cloud services for years, so why is SAP now talking about the importance of developing a cloud mindset, insisting on the use of its Activate Methodology and Fit to Standard workshops to achieve the right implementation model?

A New Journey to the Cloud

ERP implementation has changed. And for those companies facing the 2027 maintenance deadline for SAP ECC 6, that is good news. In today’s cloud-first, ‘adopt not adapt model, there are no more white boards. No more consultants offering to customise software to meet any business need. And no more long drawn implementations – followed by expensive and disruptive upgrades and a complete loss of commitment to using technology to accelerate change.