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Micro-fulfilment and Opportunistic Retail

James Hyde, Chief Product Officer & Founder, James and James Fulfilment ,explains how cloud based business intelligence led fulfilment is delivering the agility required to enable truly opportunistic retail.

Brits using loyalty schemes to combat inflation

• A further 30% of consumers said they’re not using loyalty schemes to combat the cost of living yet, but they think they will in the near future
• A staggering 61% of +55 yr olds use all of their loyalty cards compared to just 33% of 16-24 yr olds
• A quarter of 25-34 yr olds have 3 loyalty cards but over 65% say they don’t use them all

2022: Delivering omnichannel digital retail innovation with an emotional connection

Radical changes took place in 2021 retail sales models, with traditional in-store retailers adopting digital apps and clienteling to offer a hybrid in-store and digital presence. Already-online retailers raced to embrace complex technologies to deliver omnichannel digital experiences. Customer experience can’t mean more to brands, and the human touch of ‘in-store’ assistants is a growing trend to support digital technologies for a hybrid sales process. Sarah Friswell, CEO at Red Ant, discusses what 2022 may hold for retailers to deliver for consumers’ needs and offers some tips to deliver CX that builds loyalty and impacts the bottom line. 

Are digital neighbourhoods the future for commerce?

It’s a trend that every retail business needs to get on board with – and fast – because in the digital neighborhoods of the future, people will ‘show up’ to online stores as an event; not only to browse and buy goods, but also to socialise and be entertained, just as they do in physical stores. Digital neighbourhoods are forming – and they’re here to stay. Brightpearl’s CEO, Derek O’Carroll will outline the concept of ‘digital neighbourhoods’, and what this means for retail.

Digital platforms are key to future diversification

As we ride the wave of post-pandemic recovery, it is clear is that it is not enough for businesses to continue to digitise. They also must look beyond channels on which they already sell, and seek out international sales as a simple means of growth. Only those businesses with the agility built in to adapt to any changes will grow, says Tony Preedy, Managing Director of Fruugo.

Unlocking the power of AI for retail

Karen K Burns, CEO & Co-Founder of Fyma, looks at the broader implications of introducing AI into the retail sector, where the pushback from decision-makers is coming from, and what the future of the industry looks like.

Unlocking the potential of AI in retail

Standfirst: There is huge potential for retail organisations and FMCG brands today to reap greater value from technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and augmented decision-making, explains Ash Patel, Chief Information Officer, IRI.