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Personalization is the beating heart of successful hybrid cloud

In the post-millennial era of real world cloud deployment, the modern digitally distributed nature of businesses requires a range of infrastructure options to allow each customer to leverage a mix of cloud technologies to best suit their unique needs while optimizing the associated costs. How can we enable this kind of flexibility in the face of infrastructure complexity and still accommodate for a degree of legacy IT in the modern IT stack where operating models are still being reinvented and built for next-generation use cases? Rob Tribe, Vice President System Engineering EMEA, Nutanix explores the answer.

Increasing customer engagement with AI

Consumers have more choices than ever before on where to shop, bank, travel, eat, and more. To catch and retain customers’ attention, brand marketers are turning to the power of AI to create highly personalized experiences and offers. These targeted campaigns are data-driven and demonstrate that brands truly understand what their customers want, explains Raviteja Dodda, co-founder and CEO of MoEngage.