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How technology alleviates pressures on manufacturing businesses

As we look to the second half of 2022, and the years beyond, the manufacturing industry is likely to experience even more turbulence. To stay competitive in this new landscape, manufacturers will need to stay nimble, and adopt new strategies and technologies that support employee engagement. Having the right technology in place can be a key part of this approach.

How to drive manufacturing commerce success

B2B commerce is an area of business that has accelerated sharply over the past few years. Manufacturers needed to respond to challenging market conditions and find new ways of generating revenue. This trend has become so pronounced that Gartner has predicted that by 2023 at least 70% of enterprise marketplaces launched will serve B2B transactions.

But manufacturing marketplaces can be highly complex. Marketplace expert and Spryker co-CEO Alex Graf explains how manufacturers can go about driving commerce success.

The rise of lights-out automation in medtech

The global pandemic sped up digital transformations for businesses across the globe. Dr Chantelle Kiernan, Senior Scientific Advisor – Innovation & Digital Transformation (Manufacturing), IDA Ireland explains how the health crisis accelerated lights-out manufacturing in Ireland’s medtech industry.

Manufacturing in our post-Covid world

The historical importance of technological innovation in manufacturing is hard to overstate. The Industrial Revolution – which saw the transition from hand production to mechanisation – laid the foundations for our modern way of life. Henry Ford’s assembly lines of the early 20th century heralded a new age of mass production, travel and globalisation. Yet until recently many manufacturing companies have remained very traditional, slow to embrace new technology and make the move from mechanical to digital. Here Kimberly Kellermann, an engineer and Vice President of Global Operations for Global Industrial Packaging at Greif, explains why she thinks the pandemic could prove to be a turning point.

A look at the EASE Summer 2021 release

Manufacturers operating multiple plants whether within a single geography or internationally can now gain more insight into the effectiveness of their auditing programmes throughout their portfolio with the introduction of the EASE Summer 2021 Release.