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How chatbots can enable ambitious companies to scale

Picture this… Your company is doubling down on growth mode, and the sales team is bringing in droves of new customers. Maybe the product team is rolling out exciting new updates to all your best products and services.

Or maybe your marketing team just added a new messaging channel to boost customer engagement, and it took off way faster than expected.

Or perhaps you’re in a “business as usual” phase right now, but you’ve identified opportunities to optimize operations while things are steady, so you can help your teams be even stronger.

Change and growth mean great things for your company, but the added workload can be tough on your customer support team.

5 top tips for ensuring your conversational AI project is a hit

Conversational AI is becoming more popular as a way of automating messaging and speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans. But it’s often hard to get these projects right. This article will look at five key areas that will help improve your Conversational AI project, explains Dan Johnson, Head of Automation, Future Workforce.