Is it worth investing in the latest iPhone?


Christmas is coming, and tech goods have long reigned supreme as the gifts that keeps on giving. And with the UK spending over £33.3 billion on Christmas gifts, buying presents that will not only be much loved, but will be valued too seem to be high on our list of priorities. But should the latest iPhone be on your Christmas wish list?

Apple has cornered the market when it comes to smartphones, and traditionally they release a new model every September, so before we ask Santa for the latest iPhone, there’s a few things we should consider.

1. Do you need a new phone? Yes, a new phone might be desirable, but do you need a new phone, or do you want one? Chances are, unless your phone has a cracked screen, is no longer functioning as it should, or your contract is coming to an end, then you don’t need a new phone. If you want the latest iPhone just because, perhaps find something else to fill the top spot on your gift list!

2. Can you afford a new phone? It’s no secret the price of the iPhone increases annually. Before you invest any amount of money, you should carefully consider your finances to work out whether you can afford it. And while you might be able to pay for the handset, can you afford the monthly bill?

If you’ve answered yes to both, then here’s what you need to know about the latest iPhone.


The technology

The world is packed with dedicated iPhone followers, and for many reasons. The latest iPhone 12 range features the new A14 Bionic chip, as well as the fastest CPU and GPU in the smartphone market, making the latest iPhone the best for playing games, streaming videos and holding its power.

The cameras

Apple cameras have always been good; not amazing, but for the average user, they do the job. While other manufacturers offer higher megapixel counts, Apple has packed advanced new tech into their latest iPhone cameras, making them rival even the best digital cameras on the market.


No added accessories

Perhaps the most contentious move was Apple’s decision to remove headphones and power adapters from the iPhone packaging. However, given that most people likely to buy the latest iPhone already own an iPhone and therefore headphones and power adapters, it could be a savvy move by Apple.

It’s hard to sync with non-Apple products

Of course, like all Apple products they tend to only work well with other Apple products and are harder to connect to PCs. iTunes is much easier to manage on a Mac compared with a PC, which of course is another ploy by Apple to have all our electronics synced up.


Ultimately, it’s up to you. Can you wait another year for another Apple release, or are you desperate to get your hands on this year’s ‘latest’ model?

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Bekki Barnes

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