5 Essential Entertainment Marketing Tips for Your Brand

Marketing Tips, News, 5 Essential Entertainment Marketing Tips for Your Brand

Entertainment marketing has become one of the popular marketing strategies in the world of business. By definition, it is a marketing strategy that incorporates entertainment facets to create an interest in the products or services in a target audience. The growth of digital channels has even made it even easier to execute and measure entertainment marketing campaigns. You can now find performers, celebrities, and digital influencers on the likes of social media. It would be best if you worked to get it right if you are to attain your ROIs. Let us look at a few core tips to help you make the most of this form of marketing for your business. 

Make the product or service more relatable

Research has found that consumers tend to trust products associated with other brands they know. It is more or less having other top brands and names vouch for your products. It can come in the form of strategies like celeb endorsements, product placements, event sponsorship and the likes. In the Super Bowl 2020, for example, Audi teamed up with Game of Throne’s actor with an ad concept where the star sung Frozen’s Let It Go as she drove an E-Tron Sportback. The goal here was to create a mix of a top movie star with a top tune to make a product more relatable. 

Entertainment marketing requires that you make the target audience feel like they are part of the experience, to a point where the target consumer is prompted to take action. Remember, the idea is to market your goods and services and increase brand awareness while entertaining the target audience. Hence, going the extra mile to be more creative while marketing and entertaining will help you stand out from the competition. 

Who is your target audience? 

Having a great product or service and a great marketing strategy is not a guarantee that you will make profits. It would help if you were smart enough to know where your customers are and focus your advertisement messages. For example, if you are in the fashion industry and your customers are young people, research shows that you will be better positioned to use avenues like Instagram. In this case, the reason is that Instagram is a social media app that distinguishes itself as a visual app and quite popular for young people. Perhaps you could partner with celebrities who have a huge following on Instagram for product placements and endorsements. 

Use audio-visual for marketing

In media and entertainment marketing, the use of promotional videos is vital in amplifying the marketing message. According to HubSpot, video marketing is one of the best ways of boosting conversions. It was found that having videos about your brand, product, or services can increase the conversion by 80%. 

For example, if your business deals with clothes and shoes for ladies, you could make a marketing video where influencers model while wearing your products. This gives the viewer a clear idea of how they would look if they were in the same clothes and shoes. 

Video marketing has been known to increase the trust and credibility of prospective customers. Videos are now loved by digital consumers and you can use the format in entertainment marketing to enhance the persona of your company and your brand. Research has also revealed that 90% of customers reported that product videos helped the decision process. Besides, video now encourages social shares, and that will increase your brand awareness.

Engage your audience

Creating ads and having that massive following on your social media platforms such as Facebook pages, Instagram account, or even your business YouTube is the initial step to reaching your target audience. However, the long-term goal should be to sustain your audience and keep them loyal to your business. The secret is in engaging them with tailored content regularly. For example, you can send email newsletters explaining new products or even offers on your products. You can also engage the audience directly by answering their questions and addressing their concerns on social media. That direct interaction increases conversion and gives a human feel about your brand. 

Uphold the virtues of transparency and business integrity

Consumers tend to associate with brands that they can trust. That’s why you should be true about your products and services from the point of advertisement to selling to the customers. As a matter of fact, transparency in business is quite critical in the age of online businesses, where your clients are virtual and will depend on the information you provide. 

For example, if your marketing video shows a model wearing a particular dress that is well-fitting and immaculate, you should be able to deliver that. Remember, customers who feel cheated for receiving a poor-quality product end up disgruntled and even vent their anger online. Of course, that is worse for your brand in the long-run. All in all, transparency in media and entertainment marketing is critical in sustaining your business.  

Wrap up

In the era of widespread technological developments in the business world, media and entertainment marketing have become instrumental as vehicles to engage and woo consumers. Smart brands are using entertainment marketing to give consumers the pop culture experiences they crave. It is an organic form of marketing that works if you get it right!

Marketing Tips, News, 5 Essential Entertainment Marketing Tips for Your Brand

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