Market Access for MedTech: Speakers now announced!

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The speakers for the much-anticipated Market Access for MedTech initiative have now been announced. Top Business Tech breaks down everything you need to know ahead of the sessions.

From 1st June 2021 until 6th July 2021, Market Access for MedTech will comprise two-hour sessions every Tuesday from 13:00-15:00 for free, in a bid to support the growth of the MedTech sector by bringing together NIHR MedTech Co-operatives, regional universities and stakeholders.

What is Market Access for MedTech? 

Market Access for MedTech is a new initiative launched to support UK-based SMEs looking to connect medical technologies better to improve patients’ experience.

The initiative is led by the University of Southampton Institute for Life Sciences and National Institute for Health Research Surgical MedTech Co-operative, powered by global super connectors, Empact Ventures. 

The course is supported by the University of Leeds, University of Portsmouth SIGHT Programme, Wessex Academic Health Science Network,  HealthTech World, and us here at Top Business Tech, among others. The initiate is funded by a Higher Education Innovation Fund award to the Institute for Life Sciences.

Vee Mapunde, Programme Director of the National Institute for Health Research Surgical MedTech Co-operative, commented: “Whilst there is no shortage of surgical innovation, very few devices make it to clinical practice for various reasons which this course aims to highlight.  Early clinical involvement has been identified as one of the main obstacles to successful translation, and by working together with our event partners (University of Southampton Institute for Life Sciences and Empact Ventures), we aim to demystify key parts of the process and provide practical advice for the industry.  The key thread throughout the course will be the requirement to  demonstrate  patient benefit, and we encourage delegates to  make use  of the Q&A/chat functions as well as networking tools to get the most out of the speakers and panellists.”


Tuesday 1st June 2021: Will the NHS or other healthcare markets adopt your technology? Understanding unmet needs 

Tuesday 8th June 2021: Identifying the right funding

Tuesday 15th June 2021: Development to prototype; navigating the valley of death

Tuesday 22nd June 2021: Generating clinical evidence: how much is enough?

Tuesday 29th June 2021: MedTech regulation

Tuesday 6th July 2021: Understanding reimbursement models for market adoption

The Speakers

–          Peter JS Smith, Director, University of Southampton Institute for Life Sciences

–          Dr Lesley Booth MBE. Director of Research and Public & Patient Involvement & Engagement, Bowel Research UK

–          Dr Michael Kipping, Innovation Lead – Biomedical Catalyst, Innovate UK

–          Vee Mapunde, Programme Director, NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative

–          Dr Jeffrey Faint, Medical Devices Research Co-ordinator, Trauma Management MedTech Co-operative

–          Dr Sheryl Warttig, Senior Adviser,NICE

–          Bill Gillespie, Chief Executive, Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)

–          Dr Jelena Polajeva , Business Development Manager, The NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI)

–          Professor Philip Nelson, Professor of Acoustics, University of Southampton

–          Philippa Bevan, Director, Accelerate Associates

–          Professor Ben MacArthur, Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Southampton

–          Professor Sally Brailsford, Professor of Management Science, University of Southampton

–          Dr Nicholas Fuggle, Dunhill Clinical Research Fellow, Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute,Rheumatology registrar, University of Southampton

–          Dr Chris Buckingham, Mentor and Crowdfunding Specialist , Future Worlds

–          Mike Branagan-Harris, CEO, Device Access UK – MedTech Market Access

–          Dr Peter Hotten, CEO, Pulmo BioMed

–          Peter Rhodes, Senior Programme Manager Industry & Innovation, Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)

–          Professor Ian Chetter, Chair of Surgery, Hull York Medical School

–          Professor Tom Clutton-Brock, Clinical Director, NIHR Trauma Management MedTech Co-operative

–          Kevin Brooks, Consulting Bids Specialist, BrooksKebbey Ltd

The Digital Exhibition

In addition to talks, the course will showcase MedTech SMEs and key stakeholders in a digital exhibition, enabling people to connect with them over a video. Empact Ventures will enable new collaborations between potential partners, clients and funders by connecting those that opt-in upon registration after the event.

Professor Peter JS Smith, Director at the University of Southampton Institute for Life Sciences, commented: The central south of England has a vibrant and diverse MedTech sector. Through our work with scientists and engineers translating their research and businesses developing medical technologies, it’s clear that the pathway to market can be complicated.” 

He continued: “By bringing together leading experts from around the UK, we aim to provide an overview of the process and stakeholders, as well as giving innovators the opportunity to connect with organisations that can help them. In turn, we want to better understand the sector need so we can match business aims with regional research support. We warmly welcome you to join us on the course.

Kosta Mavroulakis, Founder & CEO of Empact Ventures & Super Connect for Good, said of the initiative: “It is an honour to work with these two fantastic organisations to educate and connect MedTech SMEs, clinicians, academics, funders and key stakeholders across the UK. We have been very impressed with the work that the University of Southampton Institute for Life Sciences is doing to support these stakeholders, and it is showing that it is one of the leading universities in this area.”


“We are also delighted to be working with the NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative once again after three successful event collaborations from the Super Connect Leeds event to the Virtual Northern MedTech Summit in January 2020. We look forward to hosting people from around the UK and beyond to discuss, connect and create new MedTech collaborations that will benefit society in years to come,” he added. 

Should I attend? 

If you’re a UK-based medtech startup, scaleup or SME enterprise, then this is the course for you. This course is also excellent for individuals looking to support better medtech companies or researchers and clinicians developing innovative medical technologies. 

To register for one or more of these six weekly sessions, visit the Market Access for MedTech page.

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