Fitbit Versa 2 launches with connection to Alexa and Spotify

fitbit, Devices, Fitbit Versa 2 launches with connection to Alexa and Spotify

Fitbit’s new Versa smartwatch has hit the market, with connection to voice assistants and an improved battery time on its predecessor

Smartwatches have seemed like an IoT fad ever since they spiked in popularity with Apple’s offering. Now, after the success of the Fitbit Versa, the company are launching a follow-up.

The Versa 2 stays true to the original design of the watch, with a number of updates to tempt new users and seasoned Fitbit fans seeking a new device. The big news is that the Versa 2 is now Alexa-enabled, with a microphone to tell your home assistant what to do.

The watch also contains Spotify integration, a marked upgrade on the Deezer capabilities of the last model. With an improved battery and a Sleep Score feature to measure how your sleep was out of 100, this is a neat upgrade.

Fitbit will also be using the Versa 2 as the primary vehicle for its premium service.

The Fitbit Premium subscription package is $10 a month. Those that buy the Special Edition Versa 2 will receive a 90-day trial of the premium package as opposed to the 7-day free trial, given as standard with a regular purchase.

Fitbit Premium comes with guided plans for wellbeing, nutrition and exercise.

With sales of the iPhone dropping, the smartwatch market is one of the most interesting in IoT. Voice AI is on the rise; there are a number of wearables products currently available too and there could well be a competition for the dominant IoT device following smartphones, should they die out in the next decade.

Last year, the Apple Watch accounted for more than half the total sales of all smartwatches. This was twice as many as Samsung and Fitbit, the next two biggest smartwatch manufacturers.

The Series 5 watch is set to be announced by Apple soon. The design is said to be similar to last year’s model, following the major redesign of the product with the Series 4 line.

Siri is set to be given major updates, which certainly suggests that voice assistants are going to be one of the driving technologies of smartwatches in the next few years.

fitbit, Devices, Fitbit Versa 2 launches with connection to Alexa and Spotify

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