The Future Of Smart Cities

January 2022 – Read our E-Magazine on the challenges and tribulations of smart city technology. Free download for all subscribers and TBTech members.

It’s been a torrid and tumultuous time for everyone over the past two years. The grip of the pandemic has caused bemusement for most professional leaders, who were thrust into a squid-game-like survival for their business’ future, not knowing which step to take next, and unintentionally causing others to vanquish regretfully. However, it hasn’t all been bad as we come to the end of 2021 as we have embraced remote work, and hybrid workforces have become the new normal. People are happier now than they have been in years, and, in my opinion, it’s thanks to the resilience of our business innovators who have worked tirelessly to cause disruptive and urgently needed digitalization to transform our lives. However, in the light of the new Omnicron variant and a global sustainability crisis highlighted at COP26, we must remain vigilant and unite with a concerted effort to overcome these inevitable new threats. In this e-magazine, we have curated a selection of contributions that celebrate innovation, sustainable products, and processes, as well as a look at the challenges that organizations face as we move into 2022.

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January, 2022 The Future Of Smart Cities