Microsoft and Darktrace join forces to provide self-learning AI cybersecurity to users

, Cyber Security, Microsoft and Darktrace join forces to provide self-learning AI cybersecurity to users

Microsoft and Darktrace have announced a partnership geared towards providing mutual customers with self-learning AI that detects and autonomously responds to cyber-threats.

Today Microsoft announced a partnership with autonomous cybersecurity AI company responsible for creating Autonomous Response technology, Darktrace. This partnership will share Darktrace’s self-learning artificial intelligence across Microsoft environments, such as Microsoft 365 and cloud applications such as Azure Sentinel. 

Key areas of focus 

There are three ‘critical’ areas where Microsoft and Darktrace are focussing to provide enhanced security across the multi-platform and multi-cloud environments:

  • Cyber AI Email Security Antigena email uses Darktrace’s autonomous response technology to stop email threats and has been made available on the MicrosoftAzure Marketplace.
  • Streamlined security Workflows Darktrace can now be integrated with Azure Sentinel, along with a workbook that allows users to send Darktrace threat alerts and reports inside Sentinel. 
  • Data integration With one-click integration, users can now connect Darktrace’s AI detection capabilities to Microsoft Defend for endpoint. 

Clare Barclay, CEO, Microsoft UK, said: “As cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated, AI is adding a deeper level of protection in detecting these threats. The partnership between Microsoft and Darktrace will help keep organisations secure, enabling them to focus on their core business and customers.”


“I am proud to be partnering with Microsoft, bringing Darktrace’s Cyber AI and autonomous response into joint customer environments”, commented Poppy Gustafsson, CEO, Darktrace. “Everywhere Microsoft runs, Darktrace secures.”

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