‘SOAR with Accenture’ takes RISE with SAP transformations to new heights

An image of SOAR, Cloud, ‘SOAR with Accenture’ takes RISE with SAP transformations to new heights

Cloud-enabled services uplift and accelerate RISE with SAP implementations for faster time to value.

Accenture has launched ‘SOAR with Accenture,’ a collection of assets and services that can enable business transformation across specific industries and functions. This curated set is optimised to support deployments of RISE with SAP, an SAP® offering that helps companies use technology to redesign business processes for more valuable outcomes. SOAR with Accenture raises business transformation to the next level by driving industry and function best practices, cloud capabilities, and helping accelerate time to value while fostering innovation.

New research from Accenture shows that technology has taken on a critical role in business growth and success. Leading companies are growing revenue at five times the rate of their peers by stepping up investments in cloud, artificial intelligence and other technologies. RISE with SAP aims to bring a holistic approach to transformation with business process intelligence capabilities, cloud infrastructure, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Business Network and SAP S/4HANA®. SOAR with Accenture amplifies the benefits of RISE with SAP by helping enable faster and easier SAP S/4HANA migrations at all stages of a company’s transformation journey. With advisory-led services and pre-configured solutions across industry and business functions, SOAR with Accenture can help companies reinvent business models, processes, and customer and employee experiences.

SOAR with Accenture bundles business transformation capabilities and assets — including industry and technology benchmarks and assessments, reference architectures, process models, change management toolkits, accelerators and industry cloud apps — to help companies plan for, implement and manage RISE with SAP projects. Delivered through the Accenture myConcerto® platform, companies can use design thinking methods to identify business challenges, define a transformation vision and build a value case that guides their roadmap, delivery, change management and continuous innovation. Accenture myConcerto also offers tailored transformation services covering software, platforms and architecture for more than 25 industries. 

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Navigating business transformation includes choosing the right cloud solution that can address specific business requirements. SOAR with Accenture includes capabilities of Accenture myNav®, a proprietary assessment platform that can evaluate, architect and simulate SAP solutions in cloud environments to help determine the best offering for business requirements. Accenture myNav evaluates multiple variables including infrastructure, operational model and business outcomes, to help determine an optimal solution that can expedite business transformation.

“Supporting RISE with SAP, we are helping companies navigate their choices, define the best approach, and jumpstart their business transformation,” said Caspar Borggreve, global lead, Accenture SAP Business Group. “Accenture’s strategic co-development programs with SAP span SAP S/4HAHA, customer experience, industry cloud solutions and sustainability. SOAR with Accenture builds on these programs and combines them with our industry and function knowledge to boost transformations and scale new innovations.”

“The support of our vast ecosystem is fundamental to RISE with SAP. The way in which Accenture, as a strategic partner, is embracing the offering through the launch of SOAR with Accenture is paving the way for our customers to both embark on, and advance, their business transformation journeys. This move absolutely reaffirms to us the value of RISE with SAP and the impact it can have on organisations, regardless of industry or cloud readiness. When coupled with the right expertise and experience from partners such as Accenture and with the momentum continuing to build as RISE with SAP evolves and matures, I have every confidence that together we will power acceleration of cloud adoption and business growth for customers all over the globe,” said Brian Duffy, President of Cloud, SAP.


SOAR with Accenture also provides companies with a dedicated approach to innovation and extensibility to adopt new assets and build differentiated solutions at speed. This approach helps clients move SAP S/4HANA to the cloud with lower risk and cost and extend capabilities with SAP Business Technology Platform and other cloud-native technologies.

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An image of SOAR, Cloud, ‘SOAR with Accenture’ takes RISE with SAP transformations to new heights

Amber Donovan-Stevens

Amber is a Content Editor at Top Business Tech