Alex MacPherson

Director of Solution Consulting and Account Management, of Manhattan Associates

Posts by Alex MacPherson:

Accelerating A Green Commerce Revolution

As both brands and governments look to allay future supply chain disruptions and the very real knock-on effects inflation is having (on businesses and individuals), the topic of on-shoring and all its potential long-term consumer and environmental benefits is gathering momentum.

Warehouses – the Achilles’ heel in net zero?

Over the past few years, retailers have taken huge strides to understand and address the environmental impact of the supply chain. In a bid to achieve Net Zero objectives, a shift to domestic and near shore production is reducing carbon emissions and a focus on reducing empty miles in both inbound and last mile deliveries is improving green performance.

The Fall Of The Retailers

Where once upon a time retail business models had the luxury of evolving over years and sometimes decades, retailers over the last two years have been forced to rapidly pivot their operations, change business models and switch (in many cases) to unfamiliar, new ways of working.