We’ll have FLYING TAXIS sooner than you think

The Lilium Jet uses all-electric jet engines and can travel up to 300km/h. It’s taking off sooner than you think. Would you take a flying taxi?

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2022: Delivering omnichannel digital retail innovation with an emotional connection

Sarah Friswell • 17th December 2021

Radical changes took place in 2021 retail sales models, with traditional in-store retailers adopting digital apps and clienteling to offer a hybrid in-store and digital presence. Already-online retailers raced to embrace complex technologies to deliver omnichannel digital experiences. Customer experience can’t mean more to brands, and the human touch of ‘in-store’ assistants is a growing...

A new dawn of digitalization: 2022’s defining insurtech trends

Lorenz Graff • 16th December 2021

As the insurance industry continues to evolve in line with the shift in tech, culture and consumer demand, 2022 looks set to see the innovation stakes raised even higher. Lorenz Graff, CEO and co-founder of bsurance, advises the four defining trends which will shape the insurtech industry in the year ahead: