Thu Jan 16th – Martin Bellamy – CIO of FCA (UK)

Join us on January 16th for an in-depth view into IT management at UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, one of the most important financial authorities in the world. Hendrik Deckers will talk to FCA’s CIO, Martin Bellamy, about how he leads the IT teams through a challenging #cloud transformation in a highly regulated environment.

Cloud computing is commonly viewed by IT directors with suspicion because of local regulation concerns. So it’s quite remarkable that Martin took on the challenge of moving FCA to the cloud – forecasting a complete migration by 2022. In next week’s episode of #LeadershipDeepDive Martin will also talk about how this ambitious plan was the only logical conclusion for FCA’s needs, how it relates to Brexit, how it is organised from an operational perspective, how decisions were made and how it was implemented.

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Martin Bellamy is the finalist of #ECOTY (European CIO Of The Year) Awards. You can see interviews with other finalists every Thursday on #CIONETTV

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