THU 12/03 – Luis Engrossa – ICNF (Portugal)

Luis Engrossa has an MBA in International Marketing and Finance, and a life-long passion for IT. He has dedicated his career to developing and managing IT systems for public services – for 15 years as CIO of the Portuguese Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority (ERSAR).

Today he is leading the Information Systems and Training Division at ICNF (Institute of Nature Conservation and Forestry). He has co-founded Portuguese Blockchain Alliance and is acting as its General Assembly VP.

Next Thursday on #LeadershipDeepDive, Luis will talk with Hendrik Deckers about modernising and integrating IT systems at both ERSAR and ICNF, about the potential of Blockchain in the public sector, and about the lessons he’s learned about overcoming challenges, empowering people, the value of passion for quality and about turning obstacles into opportunities.

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