Saverio Ferraro – CIO of BNL BNP Paribas Group – Part 2

Saverio Ferraro, finalist of European Digital Leader Of The Year 2020, is the CIO of BNL BNP Paribas Group.

Since joining BNL in 2017, he has led an impressively planned Agile transformation and has been consistently spreading the Agile culture from IT to other business units, unifying cross-functional teams towards faster development, better user experience and – perhaps most fundamentally – boosted employee engagement, without which this change would fail.

In today’s Leadership Deep Dive premiere, Saverio talks with Hendrik Deckers about:

– Managing the change of culture in a more agile direction
– Progressively getting more and more people on board with change
– Leading through hands-on involvement in the action (including weekends) and personal contact with every single employee
– Running an experiment on what IT people actually want from their job and what he found out
– His leadership style and lessons learned – both from mentors and self-development


00:00 – Saverio’s management style and attracting Talent
09:09 – His MBTI profile – INFJ
13:50 – His personal values and what he wants his children to learn
15:53 – Overcoming personal challenges
18:20 – Saverio’s mentors
24:47 – Advice for future CIOs


Saverio Ferraro is a finalist in the European Digital Leader Of The Year Awards organised annually by CIONET. Find out the B2B and B2C winners and learn more about the other 16 finalists in the Public and Financial sectors – the winners among the latter will be announced at CIONEXT on 26th June 2020.

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