Nino Messaoud, CDO of Barry-Wehmiller – Self-disruption, ecosystems and the future

No one, independent of the size or the market background will survive in the future without strong collaborations.
– Nino Messaoud

In the 5th episode of Leadership Deep Dive, Hendrik talks to Nino Messaoud, CDO of manufacturing company Barry-Wehmiller. This conversation is a must-watch if you needed inspiration on how a CIO or CDO can disrupt not only the status quo of their industry, but even their own mindset – and do it continuously.

Nino has a very direct way of talking about questioning everything, about authentic leadership, being realistic regarding your own market position, as well as his personal approach to work-life balance, human relations and life values in general.

Nino has 27 years of experience in managing IT at national and international level. As CIO, his driving force is developing, creating and implementing new / old digital business models to show that IT can do so much more than only being a cost center. He has worked in various industries, from diamonds and furniture to machine manufacturing. Nino is also one of the German finalists of this year’s ECOTY Awards.

Table of Contents:
01:45 Nino’s ecosystem project at BW Papersystems. – for minimizing unnecessary operational cost
02:06 No one, independent of the size, of the market background will survive in the future without strong collaborations.
10:20 Processes of the future
12:06 What “customer-centric” can really be
15:04 Evolving business models with the customer.
15:47 How are IT/Digital systems organised at BW Papersystems?
23:39 Where are you in the global structures?
25:19 Your current fundamental role in the organisation and How IT evolved in the last years?
27:50 How easy is IT for you to attract and build successful teams?
28:11 Employee branding – transparency vs bullshit
28:36 Leadership style: truly human leadership
32:08 The challenges of finding and retaining talent
34:47 On not taking yourself too seriously
38:20 How the role of IT has changed over the years
39:15 Your MBTI profile / what kind of leader you are.
41:25 Work-life balance
46:30 What values are the most important for you?
50:22 Nino’s most brilliant failure
53:05 Nino’s advice to future digital leaders


In the Leadership Deep Dive series we meet with the top CIOs in Europe. We are exploring what makes great digital leaders tick: how they lead and manage people, how they approach the intersection of business and technology, how they make decisions. What are their personality types and management styles? How do they manage the demands of their complex and challenging role?

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