Miguel Teixeira, Renault Europe – Blockchain, Unifying Ecosystems and Attracting Talent

Miguel Teixeira has been at Renault Cacia for the past 14 years, having advanced from Business Unit Manager to head of Information Systems, Technologies and Digital Manufacturing.

In the 4th episode of Leadership Deep Dive, Miguel and Hendrik Deckers talk about Miguel’s impressive accomplishment integrating multiple data and application ecosystems across the Renault IT organisation, about blockchain-based project for managing the supply chain and production. They also talk about attracting young talent to a company that’s been operating for over 120 years, being an introverted leader and values that guide Miguel in work and in life.

Table of contents:
01:05 – Introduction
02:17 – Miguel’s digital transformation program at Renault
02:17 – Integrating all digital bricks for all business units
09:37 – Results of the transformation
11:32 – Second project: geolocalised info for logistics
18:24 – Why use blockchain for a project like this?
20:27 – Filling the talent gap for advanced technologies
22:34 – How easy is it to attract top talent in manufacturing?
23:30 – What makes people want to work for you?
24:35 – How is IT and digital organised at Renault?
27:12 – Where are you on the hype curve regarding Agile and new ways of working?
28:12 – What is your main role and focus as head of IT?
31:48 – What is your management style?
31:50 – Keeping the young talent engaged.
33:22 – Your role as a CIO at Renault
34:32 – How would your co-workers describe your leadership style?
35:39 – Your MBTI profile
38:59 – Work-life balance
40:19 – What is the most important thing you want for your children?
41:35 – Who do you look up to? Who are your mentors?
42:16 – Your personal mantra
42:44 – Advice to future CIOs
44:01 – What have you learned from your mistakes?


In the Leadership Deep Dive series we meet with the top CIOs in Europe. We are exploring what makes great digital leaders tick: how they lead and manage people, how they approach the intersection of business and technology, how they make decisions. What are their personality types and management styles? How do they manage the demands of their complex and challenging role?

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