Markus Schmitz – CIO of Bundesagentur für Arbeit – Leadership Deep Dive

In this episode of Leadership Deep Dive, Markus talks about his transformation project that was nominated for our CIO Of The Year Award: a modernisation of a legacy customer portal of the Agency, transforming it into a positive user experience.

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Markus Schmitz, CIO of Germany’s Federal Agency of Employment, believes that the most important asset a company has is people, not technology. That may seem like an obvious statement from someone managing a team at a federal agency responsible for human resources, but Markus’ insight goes much deeper and broader than that.

They also talk about Markus’ comprehensive approach to providing career coaching, about getting people on board of change, and about his journey from studying history at Oxford University to leading the IT department at one of the key federal agencies in Germany.


01:00 – Markus Schmitz, CIO of Germany’s Federal Agency of Employment
01:25 – Transformation project: New customer portal at Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Agency of Employment)
09:00 – Agile transition program and engaging coaching partners
– how to get people on board with the change
– the importance of emotional engagement at work
17:35 – Spreading the Agile change to the rest of the organisation
19:26 – How IT is organised at BfA
22:00 – Markus’ educational background and moving into the technology field
24:02 – What skills does a successful CIO need?
25:18 – Attracting IT talent to the public sector
29:05 – Markus’ MBTI profile
31:40 – The best way to coach people in their career development
33:00 – Supporting diversity
36:10 – Mentors in Markus’ life
38:00 – Evolving from federal bureau to a public service provider
40:09 – Values to pass on to children
– taking world peace for granted
44:10 – Advice to future CIOs

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