Armando Laurenti – CIO of Bulgari – Leadership Deep Dive part 2


Armando Laurenti, CIO of BVLGARI, has led the digital transformation of this innovative luxury brand. On Leadership Deep Dive he tells us about bringing digital customer experience to Chinese markets, transforming the traditional Selling Ceremony, and how the IT department at BVLGARI is managing a bi-modal operating model, combining waterfall-based backoffice systems and agile service development in the customer-facing side of business.

Armando is a finalist of the European CIO Of The Year Awards. You can learn even more from his and 7 other finalists’ leadership experience on 14 February at CIONEXT

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0:00 – The role of CIO at BVLGARI
2:08 – Armando’s Management style
4:00 – Attracting IT talent
5:53 – Armando’s leadership style
7:21 – Armando’s MBTI profile
9:34 – Armando’s values
11:00 – His most spectacular failure
13:15 – Advice for future digital leaders

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