AI is powering $400bn Smart Cities

A smart city is more than just access to fast internet. As more of us start to live in cities, they will need to embrace futuristic infrastructure and artificial intelligence.


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■ Innovation through Information ■

A game of hide and seek – the mystery of...

Philip Bridge • 20th October 2020

Philip Bridge, President at Ontrack shares his insight on data erasure on Top Business Tech, this time with a focus on the different types of data a business stores, and how you can effectively implement a data erasure policy.

No Code – The Key to Start-Up Dynamism

Zandra Moore • 16th October 2020

Zandra Moore, the CEO of Panintelligence, and founder of the No Code Lab initiative reveals how no-code and low-code solutions will help take start-ups further with less time and resource – keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive