Gravit8 launches DIY SAAS platform forhybrid events

Gravit8 launches ‘market first’ fully configurable VEP showcases ‘game-changing’ software solution, based on its Virtual Event Platform (VEP), a true-to-life 3D virtual environment, with a series of ready-to-use virtual tools aimed at organisers, brands, exhibitors and delegates.

What is a SaaS company and what is a Unicorn company?

With SaaS companies offering apps that continue to provide efficient solutions to an array of modern business and consumer needs, the success of this platform format was assured. Nonetheless, as the volume of VC’s driving astronomic valuations increases and becomes more competitive, methods of driving growth and valuing companies are going through a much-needed evolution.

The future of SaaS and unstructured data

The shift to remote working caused an explosion in the use of SaaS apps for virtual collaboration and document sharing. But this has not been without risk, especially when the data within is unstructured. Maximising visibility and keeping tabs on access rights is key to protecting this new perimeter for security said Grady Summers, Executive Vice President of Product at SailPoint.

Overcoming SaaS chaos: how to pave the way for the future of work

In 2020’s rush to adapt to remote work, organisations turned to SaaS to guarantee business continued as usual. A year on, decisions made in haste are beginning to show the cracks; one-size-fits-all blanket subscriptions are no longer a viable long-term solution. Leigh Martin, Product Director at Snow Software, explains how businesses can overcome SaaS chaos and better optimise their solutions.

A New Journey to the Cloud

ERP implementation has changed. And for those companies facing the 2027 maintenance deadline for SAP ECC 6, that is good news. In today’s cloud-first, ‘adopt not adapt model, there are no more white boards. No more consultants offering to customise software to meet any business need. And no more long drawn implementations – followed by expensive and disruptive upgrades and a complete loss of commitment to using technology to accelerate change.

Ab Initio partners with BT Group to deliver big data

AI is becoming an increasingly important element of the digital transformation of many businesses. As well as introducing new opportunities, it also poses a number of challenges for IT teams and the data teams supporting them. Ab Initio has announced a partnership with BT Group to implement its big data management solutions on BT’s internal networks.

The Cloud – Debunking the Myth

Mid-sized businesses are head down, wrestling with constantly evolving operational challenges, from skills shortages to supply chain delays and raging inflation. Management teams lack the time and often confidence to explore technology innovation and, as a result, too many companies are missing vital opportunities to cut costs, boost efficiency and reach new customers.

Cloud Analytics: Growth through strategic decision-making

Analytics and the cloud can play a critical role in optimizing IT operations, streamlining processes, building high-performance teams, and ensuring data security for the organisation. It frees up resources to work on innovation rather than worrying about break-fixes and trying to keep services online. This article explores key benefits businesses stand to gain by moving analytics to the cloud.

Why CISOs must now embrace SD-WAN

As Simon Hill, Head of Legal & Compliance, Certes Networks insists, it is time for CISOs to take a lead role in the Digital Transformation process – or risk being side-lined for good.

Rainbow Office In Today’s New Workplace

In a recent interview for Ringside, RingCentral’s blog, Jasper Van Sas, Global Head of Sales for Rainbow Office at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, shared his insights into how Rainbow Office is making an impact in today’s new workplace.

The advantages of distributed cloud.

Distributed cloud is a mix of on-premise and (multi-) cloud computing in which the control plane for the on-premise part of the system matches that of the cloud(s). By Jim Webber, at Neo4j.

Future-Proof Your Business.

Delight customers, and stay ahead of competitors by selecting the right API management partner. Questions to ask, must-haves for partners, and what to do after you’ve built your shortlist.

Computer success teams: getting the most out of yours

SaaS companies have been discussing the importance of building and maintaining a strong sales team to the success of organizations for years. However, it’s only recently that sales leaders have begun to truly understand the value of customer success to revenue retention and generation.

Rivery launches next-generation CDC

– Rivery, the leading SaaS ELT platform announced its next generation CDC capabilities for Snowflake users at this year’s annual Snowflake Summit. In addition, Rivery is proud to announce that Snowflake has recognized its expertise with joint customers in the media vertical and awarded Rivery with the Snowflake Media Competency Badge, which is part of the newly launched Snowflake Partner Network (SPN) Competency Program.

The rise of no-code – what it is and why it’s the future of AI

In the past, building software
applications required months
and years of training to learn
programming languages and
frameworks. A typical software
development journey would
require excessive computing
power, endless trial and error,
and a niche, highly skilled
workforce – just to arrive
at a successful outcome.
But thanks to the rise of
no-code software, things have
changed dramatically – and
soon all the technically difficult
software development and
endless hard toll – will come
to an end.

Corelight Announces New Platform

Corelight, the leader in Open network detection and response (NDR) today announced Corelight Investigator, a SaaS-based solution that extends the power of open-source driven network evidence to SOC teams everywhere. Investigator delivers advanced capabilities for transforming network and cloud activity into evidence in a fast, intuitive platform that is easy to deploy and use.

Rivery Raises $30M B Round

Rivery, the SaaS ELT today announced a new funding round of venture capital led by Tiger Global alongside existing investors State Of Mind Ventures and Entrée Capital.

Zerto and IDC Release New Ransomware Report

According to new research by Zerto and IDC, almost two-thirds of organisations have responded to a cyberattack with a disaster recovery solution in the last 12 months. The impact of ransomware and significant growth in unrecoverable data highlights the need for effective disaster recovery responses.


The demand for access anytime, anywhere has grown massively in recent years as the workforce has become more distributed and IT teams have adapted to connect and protect users in new ways. Users are accessing applications from multiple locations (home, office, remote) — and the applications they’re accessing are just as distributed. As the world continues to move in this direction, organisations are faced with a growing challenge: how can network and security teams provide consistent, secure access to an increasingly distributed, mobile workforce without taking on more complexity?

Is The MSSP Market Set To Disrupt The Cybersecurity Industry?

38% of IT leaders believe the consolidation in the managed security service provider (MSSP) market, leading to cyber security-as-a-service (CSaaS) being commonplace, will be the sector’s biggest disruptor of the next five years, according to new research from Distology. Read what Lance Williams, Chief Product Officer at Distology has to say.

CIAM Without Compromise

Here in the UK, CIAM is playing a central role in maintaining trusted relationships with consumers online. In fact, 78% of the 200 UK and Ireland respondents who took part in a recent WSO2 and Vanson Bourne research study said they are already using an identity and access management platform (IAM), with 67% utilizing a customer identity and access management platform (CIAM).

2022 the year of the Unicorns?

Insider, a leader in cross-channel customer personalization experiences, has recently announced a $121 million Series D funding round valued at $1.22 billion. Other investors that joined funding included the likes of Sequoia, Riverwood Capital, 212, Wamda Capital, Esas Private Equity, and Endeavor Catalyst.

7 strategies for CSO cybersecurity survival

Adrian Taylor, VP of EMEA at A10 Networks, lays out 7 key strategies that can streamline the workload of chief security professionals. The result is a must read for CSOs, CIOs and CISOs, but also CEOs that may be delegating an overwhelming workload to their security teams. 

The vital role business plays in the business intelligence equation

As organizations continue turning their attention to technology advancements, to maintain some form of ‘business as usual’, there has never been a greater need for companies to truly understand the data they hold, and how to interpret it. Phillip Smith, the chief architect at workplace data analytics firm Tiger, explains more.

Personalization is the beating heart of successful hybrid cloud

In the post-millennial era of real world cloud deployment, the modern digitally distributed nature of businesses requires a range of infrastructure options to allow each customer to leverage a mix of cloud technologies to best suit their unique needs while optimizing the associated costs. How can we enable this kind of flexibility in the face of infrastructure complexity and still accommodate for a degree of legacy IT in the modern IT stack where operating models are still being reinvented and built for next-generation use cases? Rob Tribe, Vice President System Engineering EMEA, Nutanix explores the answer.

Why you need to be data assured

James Blake, Field CTO Security EMEA at Rubrik, looks at defining data assurance and explains how businesses can ensure an architecture that supports it going forward.

Thinking beyond the cloud

The action plan and sequence of moving beyond the cloud should become a step-by-step road map to transform the enterprise with a clear business case and case for change. Whilst the plan by its nature will be different for each enterprise, the end goal is the same as it is your business is unique, not your IT.

Netskope’s breakfast webinar on SASE

Netskope is hosting a breakfast webinar on the essential role of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Join us on Wednesday, 29th September 2021 at 10:30AM to hear about the capabilities of SASE over breakfast. 

Why every company needs to implement Zero Trust

Thanks to the new pandemic-induced normal, the world of work has become increasingly defined by connectivity and digitalisation, and within this context, traditional ‘detect and prevent’ security solutions are no longer effective. Here, Tom McVey at Menlo Security discusses the importance of Zero Trust – what it means, why businesses should be considering it, and how it can be achieved with the use of isolation technology.

5 cloud computing trends you need to consider

The use of the cloud is ubiquitous in business today. From the Internet becoming the corporate network to the IT supply chain being rewritten, Adrian Davey, IT strategy consultant at Agilisys outlines the five cloud computing trends every business needs to consider as we move beyond the cloud.

The future of iPaaS

Anjana Fernando, Director – Developer Relations at WSO2, UK, Spain and France discusses how iPaaS (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service) helps to ease workloads for software developments, what the current shortcomings are and also where the future of this tool is headed.

Microsoft unveils Windows 365

Windows 365 will deliver a full, personalised PC experience from the cloud to any device, giving workers and organisations power, simplicity and security for hybrid work.

How is digital construction improving safety and sustainability within the building sector?

The construction industry as we know it is changing – recent events have forced the industry to sit up and rethink the safety, efficiency and accountability of its practices. Climate change also remains a pressing issue, with construction responsible for around 40% of all CO2 emissions. But what role does digital construction play in overcoming these issues and why should this new approach be received with open arms? Richard Waterhouse from NBS explains the impact digital construction is having on safety and sustainability.

How Wi-Fi6 will optimise hybrid working

Sean Lowry, Chief Technology Officer at Glide, explains how WiFi6 can help organisations to foster a collaborative working environment, despite staff regularly being split between the office and home.

The uptake of IoT for UK county councils

Nick Sacke, head of IoT solutions at Comms365, discusses some of the priority challenges local authorities are facing, and how IoT deployments can be rapidly rolled out and scaled to not just overcome such challenges, but exceed them.

Tactus Group wins 2021 Microsoft Device Partner of the Year

North West-headquartered Tactus Group, the specialists in consumer and educational technology, has received the prestigious Microsoft Device Partner of the Year Award for the outstanding growth of its Geo Computers brand, as well as its commitment to supplying more than 165,000 laptops to schoolchildren in the UK.

The dangers of going it alone with cybersecurity

Mark Skelton, CTO and VP of CANCOM UK&I, argues that the current growth in the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks has made the pressure on in-house IT teams untenable and that businesses should seriously evaluate their need for external support.

Ontologies in information security

Alexander Moiseev Chief Business Officer at Kaspersky outlines how ‘ontology’ (a formal process of categorising and drawing relationships in data) holds huge potential to accelerate cybersecurity.

AWS to open data centres in Israel

The new AWS Infrastructure Region will arrive in the first half of 2023, enabling customers to run workloads and store data in Israel while serving end-users with even lower latency.

The Evolving Global Privacy Framework

Andre Thompson, Privacy and Ethics Counsel at Trūata discusses the growing complications of global privacy frameworks, especially during the COVID era where contact tracing is essential for tackling the virus effectively.

Dell Technologies On Demand

A unified approach to flexible consumption models across the full, end-to-end Dell Technologies portfolio Shift to Consumption-based Model Extends to…